Saturday afternoon rambling

June 24, 2007 | WNST Staff

Long time no blog, mainly because I have been so doggone tired from taking classes at Ground Control here in Baltimore. If you are looking to get into shape, learn boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, among many other things, it is the best place to go. A great group of guys work and train at the school, John Rallo has done a great job putting it all together.
Looking forward to The Ultimate Fighter Finale tonight on Spike TV, especially B.J. Penn vs Jens Pulver. I am picking Penn to win via tapout, just for the record.
An interesting week covering the Orioles it has been. I have seen everything this week from a manger getting fired, to a new President of Baseball Operations, (who no one even knew they were talking to), to getting turned down by Joe Girardi, to Dave Trembley and Miguel Tejada pulling a somewhat questionable move to keep his streak alive, and of course, ending with the streak coming to a end the very next day.
All should be quiet on the O’s front till at least Tuesday of next week, when Andy McPhail will return to Baltimore and begin the search for a new manager.
Dave Trembley has done a nice job so far with this team; I think the O’s should just let him hold the job down till the end of the year.
Random thoughts:
          The Departed is still one of the best movies ever, even though I have seen it 20 times.
          Why the rock group Poison decided to sing Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake is beyond me.
          The whole "Vince McMahon is dead angle" by the WWE, proves why wrestling will never be close to where it used to be.
          Am I the only person that liked the movie Fight Club? One of my favorite movies of all time, just wish I could find it.