Sean Taylor and the Ravens

November 27, 2007 | WNST Staff

What would you do if you were Brian Billick and Ed Reed, Willis McGahee, and Ray Lewis walked into your office upon finding out when Sean Taylor’s funeral will be and asked to go? Let’s just say that the funeral would be Friday, would you allow them to leave and attend? Here are three guys who all have direct connections to Sean, including Ed and Willis who were teammates of Sean’s at Miami. Ed and Sean even worked out together in the off season.
What I think would happen and expect will happen if that scenario plays out is that Brian Billick would allow them to leave the team for a day. Here are three guys who prepare as hard if not harder than anyone on the team. The amount of film study that these guys do is right up there with anyone in the league. Reed and Lewis have missed a whole week of the physical part of practice before and still been able to play on Sunday. I can’t imagine Brian would not allow them to go and deal with something that is very personal for them.
Do you think that is the right decision? I think it is the only decision.
What do you think?