Should I Stay Or Should I Go

September 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

Miguel Tejada wants to be traded. Tejada wants to stay. Tejada wants to be traded. Tejada wants to stay. I am a Tejada fan. Tejada has been one of the most productive Orioles ever. It may be time to move him. To another team or third base.
The Orioles are the worst team in baseball with Miguel Tejada, Erik Bedard, and Brian Roberts.
 Tejada is an all-star shortstop that can get the Orioles a really good prospect or two during the off-season. If the Orioles don’t trade him, they should move him to third base. You have to get better defensively at short.
 Bedard has 40 wins and this is his sixth year in the big leagues. He has been injured on and off through out his career. His stock will never be higher then it is now. He has two years remaining and there will be a team that will give up some good players for him. Trade him!!!
Roberts may be the one guy that I wouldn’t part with because he is a lead off guy that will hit .290, steal 30 bases, and hit 35/40 doubles. But, he has been a part of the losing teams and if the Orioles can get a good trade done, do it.
O.J. Simpson is in the news again. Apparently he is being named as a suspect in an armed robbery. Juice said that he broke into someone’s room at a casino to retrieve some property that was stolen from him. Call me stupid but isn’t that what the police are for?
Is there anything better then Raven home games? I can’t wait until Sunday. Grown men (myself included) waking up, putting your Ravens gear on, hanging with your friends, drinking beer, and eating till you can’t move. Then there is a game too! Go Ravens!!!