Since I Picked The World Series Correctly…

October 24, 2007 | WNST Interns

Here’s my World Series pick: Rockies in 7.  As a bonus prediction, Game 7 will not be played until November 4 because of a huge snowstorm sweeping through Denver sometime late this weekend.  Great scheduling by MLB, huh? (Actually, I’m just kidding about the snowstorm.  But the chances of foul weather having a huge impact on the length of the Series are certainly high, given that we’re talking about Denver and Boston in late October.)

I can’t help myself, I am honestly excited to watch the World Series.  I’m just a baseball geek that way.  It’s in my DNA.  And I have to admit to a rooting bias for the Rockies, given that my brother lives in Boulder and the RedSox Nation becomes a little more unbearable by the minute.  Oh, right, that Millar stunt also sort of factors into the mix too.

So kick back on the couch tonight and enjoy the pomp and circumstance that accompanies every Game 1 of every World Series.  There really isn’t anything like baseball and the Fall Classic.


Every year at this time, I remember my one and only Game 1 in 1979.  My father had four tickets in those old left field green bleachers that were only opened when the Birds made the playoffs.  I was so excited the night before that I hardly slept.  And when I awoke that morning and opened the curtains, what did my wondering eyes behold?


In October.

In Baltimore!

Being 13, I was alternately happy at the prospect of no school, but upset that the game would possibly be canceled.  Which it was later that day.  So I had to wait that extra day, which seemed like 2 weeks. 

And the next night we made our way in the cold, damp chill of an October night to the old palace on 33rd. St.  I remember watching Mike Flanagan take the hill.  I remember the Orioles wearing their orange jerseys that night.  Doug DeCinces homered to left in his first at bat.  The game was close and tense throughout.  And I can still hear the roar when Mark Belanger squeezed a high pop-up for the last out of the game. 

1979.  The year that Orioles Magic was born.

Enjoy the World Series.  If for no other reason than the memories you have from glorious baseball seasons of yesteryear here in Baltimore.