Skins-Ravens Halftime Notes

August 26, 2007 | Ed Frankovic

Ok, so Preseason football is pretty much worthless in my opinion but here are some thoughts on tonight’s first half.

My first big decision was what channel to watch the game on: Down here in Howard County I have Comcast and have a choice of No HD on Baltimore Fox with a game clock or an HD Telecst on Comcast with Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann (Skins announcers) and no game clock (until 2 mins are left in the half). I go with HD despite having to put up with Theismann – once you have HD it is hard to go back to no-HD.

To me the only thing that matters in pre-season anymore is that none of your key guys get hurt, so here are what I saw as the plays that matter (PTM) in the first half:

PTM 1: On a 3rd and 3 Ed Reed and 2 other Ravens swarm Ladell Betts short of the first down but Ed Reed goes limping off the field. NOT WHAT I WANTED TO SEE. Ed does not return despite the fact that Mike Patrick on 2 other occassions that Ed Reed was in coverage (it was #28 Jermaine Winborn). The TV spotter must have been sleeping or Patrick doesn’t really care…I will be anxiously awaiting Casey’s post game blog to find out the scoop on Ed’s injury…

PTM 2: Steve McNair scrambles on a 3rd and 5 from the Skins 15 when the Skins are clearly offside. He narrowly misses some serious hits. I scream: "What are you doing Steve???" Luckily he is okay and he and Mason hook up on a nice TD shortly thereafter made by a brilliant move by #85

PTM 3: Prescott Burgess gets shaken up on the kickoff after the Ravens TD. Okay this isn’t a serious threat to the Ravens season but that guy has shown lots of promise.

If I was a coach I would never challenge in pre-season, why give the Referees any more reason to not call something your way when the games really matter??!! Surprisingly Joe Gibbs challenged a play tonight.

It looks like it is easier to make a catch this year as several balls that surely would have been no catches last year are completed passes. So much for the "football move" part of the rule..

Oh and by the way, the yellow flags are definitely more pronounced in HD

I switch over to Fox just in time to catch Billick…thank goodness the starters are done for the night!!