Slowest 3 days of the sports year

July 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

It’s so slow…that in the same week…Bob, Drew and Rob will all be on vacation/off the air at some point in the next 3 days, if not all 3….so its a great time for some predictions…

BASEBALL: Here is how I see the playoffs shaking out…

AL EAST: Boston…no brainer…may win by 20 games

AL CENTRAL: Detroit…I think they are the best team in Baseball

AL WEST: LA ANGELS….I am worried about their pitching holding up…they have throw a ton of innings

AL WILD CARD: CLEVELAND…best home team in the AL starts with 16 of their first 20 after the break at home…

NL EAST: I am still sticking with ATLANTA

NL CENTRAL: I am going to say the CUBS…the Brewers are a great story and they will hang in there, but if the CUBS get any pitching…they take it.

NL WEST: San Diego…love the pitching…

NL WILD CARD: NY METS…I am concerned about the pitching, but think they will have enough.

WORLD SERIES: Detroit versus San Diego


RAVENS go 10 – 6….win the NORTH based on Division record…CINCY also goes 10 – 6….

AFC PLAYOFF TEAMS: Baltimore, Cincinnati, New England, San Diego, Indy and the JETS

NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS: Chicago, New Orleans, San Fran, Dallas, Philly and Detroit…yes I said Detroit

SUPER BOWL: Dallas versus Baltimore (yes I am a homer)

I may be in the minority but when you have the following sports figures in my lifetime…how can you argue that we are not living in the golden age of sports:

Roger Federer
Tiger Woods
Wayne Gretsky
Michael Jordan
Michael Phelps
Lance Armstrong
Annika Sorenstam
Walter Payton
LaDainian Tomlinson
Cal Ripken
Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Peyton Manning
Ray Lewis

to name a few…very few

We have been able to witness some of the greatest in their sports…


My top 10 RB’s:

1. Ladainian Tomlinson
2. Steven Jackson
3. Frank Gore
4. Larry Johnson
5. Willie Parker
6. Rudi Johnson
7. Shaun Alexander
8. Joseph Addai
9. Brian Westbrook
10. Travis Henry

This may change as we get closer….but for now…


1. The Tour de France started this weekend…WHO KNEW?
2.  The WSOP MAIN EVENT started this weekend….
3. The Williams sisters are the greatest family in tennis
4.  July 6: (4) Dale Earnhardt Jr. def. (5) Chuck Liddell (61.7% – 38.3%) in the who’s now voting…shows UFC is coming on quick!


All you need to know about the Orioles has nothing to do with the on field play…The Orioles have until AUG 15th to sign their number 1 draft pick Matt Wieters…if they do not sign him…The MacPhail hiring means nothing and is proof this organization will not be anything more then a 3rd/4th place team for years and years to come unless its by accident…

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