So now what … hmmm … lose ’em all?

November 12, 2007 | WNST Interns

OK … first the facts!

1. Ravens have 7 games left.

2. Ravens are 2 games out of the wildcard.

3. Ravens have 4 games at home, 3 on the road.

4. Defense has played 6 quarters in a row without giving up a TD.

Snap back to reality.

This team is done for this year. They would have to go a minimum of 5-2 for any shot at the playoffs. That means win all 4 home games (Cleveland, New England, Indy and Pittsburgh) and then 1 road game (SD, Seattle and Miami). PIPE DREAM.

This team — at least the defense — has no quit in them and I expect them to play hard the rest of the year, but you know, I want them to finish 4-12. That is right, lose out! 8-8 or 7-9 or 6-10 does nothing for me.

I want a top 5 pick next year! I want a franchise QB! Sorry Boller supporters, he is not the one … not even close. The organization needs to admit they made a mistake in drafting Boller. No harm there, every team in the NFL has missed with a first round pick … many of them QBs … Boller is not what they thought he could be … ok admit it and move on. Oh and if you did not see the game Sunday … McNair is done … it’s sad that one of the true warriors of my time is ending this way, but the injuries and time has caught up to him, it simply has. Last year was their chance to do something special and it got away … not often do you get second chances.

As for Billick, I do NOT support him being fired. I do support bringing in a NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, with an entirely new system, I think the fans and the team has had enough of this system … no matter who is calling the plays.

Let’s move on to a fan favorite TODD HEAP … Mr. Heap is an excellent TE and maybe the most overrated player on the team. He can’t stay healthy and on the field! So as good as he may be, he is hurting the team … draft a TE next year … we need a few. Maybe Heap is hurt because he is asked to do too much when in the game, maybe its bad luck … whatever it is, it’s holding back the team. How the team can only have 1 healthy TE on the roster is also beyond my thinking.

I’d also like to see Troy Smith at some point this year … I know I know, but hey maybe he is special and we will never know it until he plays in a real game … DEREK ANDERSON … anyone … no ….ok!

This week we have Cleveland … I think DEREK ANDERSON’s name will de said a million times this week. Here is my one and only take on him. As fans we never got to see him in a real game, only a brief glimpse. What I saw was a poised young man that looked more like a real QB, then anyone we had at that time. That is it … I know nothing else … and have learned to trust Ozzie. They blew this one it looks like … it happens … let’s move forward and hope in future years we can beat him twice a year … it will be interesting to see what Cleveland does with him … they have a lot of money tied to Quinn …

Drew, Bob and Rob, I do not envy you this week … it may be a long one!