So What. It’s Late

July 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

I know it’s late, but I just touched down in God’s country. I got off of I-95 and hit I-20 West at about 1:15am. From that point on, it was about 40 minutes to Cassatt, South Carolina and time with the "outlaws."

That’s not what this trip is really about. This is the time of year that my "football jones" starts flaring. Just think about it. It’s July. In three weeks, the Ravens will be in training camp. Then, my minds starts to think about SEC football. Right now, I’m in SEC country. I can feel the presence of Steve "Superior" right now. His office is less than 35 miles away from the spot where I’m blogging, right now. The practice field that the Gamecocks will prepare for SEC contention is less than 34 miles from where I’m blogging, right now. Williams-Brice Stadium is approximately 33.7 miles from the where I’m blogging, right now.

Well, you get the point. I’ll get about five hours sleep. I’ll get up, and call the rest of the Gamecock Nation, and we’ll spend the rest of my vacation figuring out how we can win the SEC East for "Superior’s" bunch. I can’t wait. Hope springs eternal in July. Even for our intern who attends class at Vanderbilt.

I’ll be blogging and checking my e-mail all week, so give me a shout. Happy 4th of July from beautiful Cassatt, South Carolina.