Some Crazy Baseball Stats

September 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

I don’t want to take up a lot of time with this, but I thought these were mind-boggling baseball stats. There’s only two of them, so here goes.
Garrett Anderson has never scored 100 runs in a season. Never! This guy is starting to slow down greatly, but in his prime he was the real deal, but he never scored 100 runs. Heck, he only scored 90 twice! And it’s not like he didn’t get at bats. He had over 600 official AB’s for eight straight years! By comparison, B.J. Surhoff got 600 official AB’s once in his career and that year he scored over 100 runs.
For the second one, we’ll turn it into a little guessing game. Who has the Mets’ team record for most doubles in a season?
Are you ready to guess?
Carlos Beltran? No.
Keith Hernandez? No.
Howard Johnson? No.
Darryl Strawberry? No.
David Wright? No.
Joe Reyes? No.
You’re starting to run out of Mets who could hit, aren’t you? Oh, of course.
Mike Piazza? No.
Robin Ventura? No.
Lance Johnson? No.
Gary Carter? No.
George Foster? Hell No.
Now even the big baseball fans are starting to struggle.
Edgardo Alfonso? No.
Gregg Jefferies? No.
Carlos Delgado? Not even close.
Paul LoDuca? Good guess, but no.
Now for all of you fans who remembered that John Olerud was a Met, pat yourself on the back………but it wasn’t him either.
Give up? You should. Trust me. Are you ready for the answer? Start scrolling……….
Bernard Gilkey. 44 doubles in 1996. 44 doubles and 117 RBI’s. That’s a nice year. How nice? Cal never drove in 117 runs in a season. Bernard Gilkey…..who would have thunk it.
Get ready for the weekend. My NFL picks may appear tomorrow, so you might want to check back, unless last weeks 3-1 didn’t impress you.
Give up? Trust me, you should? You want to answer…..start scrolling!