December 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

Some things that never happen have been happening of late. Matt Stover missed a field goal in overtime last week, Robbie Keane missed a penalty against Arsenal today and I blanked on air when asked about Liverpool’s next game.
I knew that Liverpool plays on Boxing Day. They do every year. I just spaced it. Plain and simple. Does it make me any less of a fan? Nope, just an extremely tired fan with a worn out spring on the steel trap from working a day job and then graveyard shifts.
I also missed today’s game against Portsmouth. The Judas that is my body sold me for 4 hours of sleep. But should you engage in the unholiness of missing a game, it’s always nice to have a Scouser mate (once you’ve hidden the silverware) who can give you the match report that your usual rags can’t. When my friend Paul is finished, it feels more like you played in the match than watched it.
Long story short, we won 4-1. Rafa assembled what is looking like his regular A-team and beat a team that has the best away record in the EPL having taken full points in their last six matches away from Fratton Park. Sorry lads, this is Anfield and the bus is officially full.  
Unfortunately for us, Arsenal found a way to squeak one past Spurs today after Robbie Keane missed a penalty. He never misses. It happens to the best of us. And sometimes on live radio.
And so Arsenal marches on. They will be tough to catch this season and may be impossible to pass on what is becoming a single lane title pursuit.
Despite some good games, there weren’t too many surprises in today’s matchups. I thought City would’ve done the business against Villa and I was hoping that Sunderland might do better against Reading. Oh well, it’s been one of those weeks.
The Mancs have Everton tomorrow at Old Trafford, and I have a terrible feeling it might be Everton frites washed down with a 3-0 lager. We can all hope that the Toffees will stage a massive upset and beat Man U. A draw is probably more realistic, but why not shoot for the best possible ending to a flight of fancy.
Oh, and it’s Derby (pronounced Dah-bee) that Liverpool is up against on Wednesday. We hammered them at Anfield last time 6-0. The expression “welcome mat” comes to mind when you think of the Rams who aren’t so much as languishing in last place as they are anchored to it with 6 points from 17 games. And it doesn’t look like it will be a festive next couple of days either. They face a resurgent Newcastle tomorrow and then the Reds on Wednesday.
Have a great holiday with a nice relaxing week in front of the Yule log and a few nips of the old eggnog.