Steeler Coach: Reed better than Polamalu

November 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

Overheard in Pittsburgh
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians believes Ed Reed is a better safety than Troy Polamalu. Can you imagine Rick Neuheisel saying Brian Urlacher is a better than Ray Lewis? 
Why I’m not looking forward to Monday’s game.
I know it will happen. Sometime in the first quarter, the Ravens will have the ball in their own territory. It’ll be third down and 2. The offense will approach the line. I and thousands of other Ravens fans will be watching how they line up. Will McClain be in at fullback? Is Heap lined up tight or in the slot? Will the offensive line move? Only six seconds on the play clock. Will McNair get it off on time? And just when the tension is building to a crescendo, the director will switch to a shot of some overweight bozo in black and gold face paint ringing a cow bell.
Football is the ultimate television sport, and ESPN is the all sports television channel. So, you’d think they’d get it right. Nope. Look for a telecast littered with shots of ugly Steeler fans at the most inopportune times. That’s guaranteed.
No Sell-Out. Bay Area Fans Rejoice
The folks by the other bay are relieved that Raider fans didn’t buy enough tickets this week. The reason is simple. If the Houston-Oakland game sells out by Thursday afternoon, the folks in one of the largest markets in the country would be subjected to the classic Texans-Raiders match up instead of Colts-Patriots. Fortunately, the black-out is in effect so the wine-sippers from San Jose to Marin County can watch the Manning and Brady show in living color. My only question is why a Raider sell-out was even a possibility.