Stephen Butz says Taharka Brothers will deliver ice cream right to your home

May 08, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was a pleasure catching up with Steven Butz, CEO of Taharka Brothers Ice Cream, as he joined Nestor to discuss the background of his Baltimore based ice cream company during these crazy coronavirus times. Many people that have heard of Tahara Brothers may not realize that the ice cream is made right here in Baltimore.

“I live in Baltimore and I care a lot about the city,” Butz said. “I’ve lived here through different iterations of my life. I lived in Canton, my wife and I did the Canton thing in our 20’s. Now we live in the northern part of the city. Missed Baltimore the entire time even as I sailed around the world.”

As we all try to get used to a “new normal,” Stephen and the folks at Taharka Brothers have launched their new home delivery service. 

“It is available online at,” Butz said. “We do home delivery. It’s free in the Baltimore concentrated area. There’s sometimes a $5 delivery fee for closer regions and a $10 fee if you’re all the way out. It’s a Baltimore company. We’re very proud of our origin and we’re very proud to be making the ice cream right here on Clipper Mill Road right off of I-83.”

Nestor and Stephen talked for over 45 minutes about Baltimore, business, ice cream, and much more…all while Nestor was stuffing his face with some delicious Taharka Brothers ice cream! We encourage all of you to try Taharka Brothers and to support our local Baltimore Positive businesses during these trying times! We look forward to continuing to catch up with Stephen as hopefully things get back to normal sooner rather than later.

To hear Stephen Butz’ full conversation with Nestor, listen here: