Swirling Down the Bowl of Mediocrit

June 05, 2007 | WNST Interns


The wolves are at the door again.  More late-inning bullpen meltdowns equals more calls for Sam Perlozzo’s job.  Yet, as I’ve stated before, the manager is only as good as the talent he’s been given.  And that talent, especially in the ‘pen, is woefully inadequate.

Examples:  Jay Gibbons 0 for his last 22.  (If you are rooting for fireworks, let’s just see what happens if the Birds try to send him down to Norfolk!  Hoo Boy!  That’ll be some kind of interesting!)

Paul Bako, Freddie Bynum and Chris Gomez still comprise the majority of the bench.  Bynum has 18 ABs so far on the season.  Somebody get Elias Sports Bureau cranked up to see if anyone has ever had more pinch-running appearances than at-bats in a season!  Sorriest bench in MLB here in B-More, hon.

Danys Baez, Jamie Walker and the rest of that $40 million bullpen are all overpaid under-achievers.

Yet, if the  Orioles were to can Perlozzo, where does that get them?  I realize he’s made some awful decisions, especially when Guthrie pitches, and it seems he lacks an innate feel for the rhythm of games, but where do you go from Perlozzo?  Keep in mind that Mazzone follows him out the door in, say, ten seconds, and then you’ve got two spots to fill on your major league staff.  Does anybody “in the know” in MLB circles come to Baltimore willingly?  Or, as we saw in the offseason with the bullpen, do the Birds have to overpay to get mediocrity again?


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