Take A Chance ..

April 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

It finally happened. Yesterday afternoon, I received THE text message from Nestor. It was simple … my media credentials were awaiting me at Camden Yards. The feeling was pretty indescribable. As I drove downtown, I realized this entire experience at WNST was real. I still marvel at this.

As a kid, I always wondered what it would be like to stand on the field. At about 16, I realized there was absolutely no chance that was going to happen. I probably could have figured this out by age 8, but that’s a conversation for another time!!!! I’ve always maintained an interest in working with media and reporting the news. My sole regret is that I really wish I started chasing this dream earlier.

At any rate, last night was about realizing such interests, by simply taking a chance. I’ve never really blogged about the entire “So You Wanna Be A Sports Talk Show Host” contest. Thus, I’m seizing this perfect opportunity. To be honest, I came really close to not submitting my demo and resume. I thought, “this can’t happen”.

But, I decided to take a chance – finally !!!! So, with the devoted assistance of my buddy, Jubb, this little dream took root in a basement in Canton. We rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed. I’m sure you get the picture. As the contest progressed and dwindled in participants, I wondered if my “George Mason-ish” run was coming to an end.

As the contest came to a close, it dawned on me that I never felt so good about losing. Let me clarify. For years, I participated in vocational endeavors and “contests” that had more predictable outcomes than a Bruno Samartino vs. Johnny Rodz match. So finishing behind a guy like Mike Popovec was not only understandable; it was rightful. The best performer won, and I couldn’t be happier about the overall integrity of the contest.

To say I’m grateful for this opportunity is an understatement. I’m going to make the most of it … and you’re going to see a lot of me – guaranteed. So, I guess the real moral to this blog is TAKE A CHANCE. Yesterday, at 7pm, I was standing in the press box at Camden Yards, because I sent that demo and resume. A year ago, I never could’ve imagined this. Trust me …roll the dice.

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