Take a minute today and say thank

May 28, 2007 | WNST Staff

Funny how things happen, I was prepared and thinking about writing something along the same lines as Rex Snider did in his blog. I think it is very well written and very truthful.
I served over six years in the U.S. Army, and although I never served combat, I can only imagine what that is like to tell your wife, kids, son, daughter, or whoever that you hope to see them again. Unfortunately for way to many people that day never comes again.
Today is a day when I think back to getting the call to respond to the attacks on the Pentagon on 9/11. I will never forget every detail from the most gruesome to the most rewarding of that life changing experience for me, on that day me being a medic in the Army was tested to the utmost degree.
The people who I came into contact with that day, who paid the ultimate sacrifice and the thousands upon thousands of them before and after, should not only be honored today, but every day.
While we will all sit around today and have food and drinks, watch baseball, play backyard football, let’s not forget about all the men and women that are in a foreign land who are proud to be serving this country and hope to come home one day to be with their family.
This is a video that I think says a lot.