Teddy Savage of Planet Fitness is staying fit with United We Move campaign

May 03, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was fun welcoming Teddy Savage, Fitness Director at Planet Fitness, on with Nestor to discuss how he is staying in shape during this coronavirus pandemic. Planet Fitness has unveiled their United We Move initiative which is helping us all to retain some sense of fitness normalcy during these crazy times.

“I’m excited about what’s going to happen once we open the doors back up,” Savage said. “I think this was an opportunity for us to look inward and see just how much we were being fit, just how much we were being active and taking preventative measures in case something like this did happen. So I’m kind of excited about it. I know in the face of adversity it’s kind of hard to say that because we have been locked in for so long. But it kind of gets you to color outside the lines a little bit in terms of how you think about staying fit. The United We Move campaign has definitely been a tremendous platform for people not only to see that fitness doesn’t always have to involve weights and machines, but that you can do it in the friendly confines of your own house.”

The United We Move workouts are aired live at 7pm est. But if you can’t make those, there are other options for you…

“If you can’t make the 7pm EST Facebook live, we are sharing it on all social media platforms,” Savage said. “Also, Planet Fitness has a wonderful app that we just updated. The content is robust, there’s different workouts and an exercise library…definitely download that. It’s not just for Planet Fitness members. It’s for everybody. Planet Fitness understands that this pandemic has affected everybody, not just Planet Fitness members.”

To hear Teddy Savage’s full conversation with Nestor, listen here: