Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott

December 28, 2007 | WNST Staff

Terrell Suggs
To say that Terrell Suggs has had a disappointing season this year would not be exactly correct. Although T-Sizzle has seen the number of his sacks go down from 9.5 sacks last year to just 5 this year, he has seen an increase in other areas. Suggs has already set a career high in tackles with 91 according to the Ravens after film review (77 according to NFL.com), last year Suggs only totaled 86 tackles (64 in 06 per NFL.com). Suggs has totaled 43 of his 91 tackles when Trevor Pryce played in the same game.
Bart Scott
As with Suggs, Bart has seen a decrease in his total number of sacks this year, down to 1 from 9.5 last year. That is mostly because now Bart is covering linebackers and running backs in coverage and mostly only gets to blitz on running plays. Bart’s total number of tackles from last year to this year has not changed a lot. Bart has 124 tackles according to the Ravens (90 according to NFL.com) opposed to last year when he had 135 according to the Ravens (103 according to NFL.com).
Bart does not blitz nearly as much this year as he did last because of dropping into coverage now. If you watch Bart, he will come up and show as if he is blitzing then drop into coverage and pick up the tight end or running back coming out of the backfield.
The other factor in the lack of sacks that this team has had is the lack of solid corner backs. When you look at the corner back position, Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle have only played in four games together all season, started three of them. The other times it has been any combination of Willie Gaston, Ronnie Prude, Derrick Martin, and Corey Ivy, have been at the corner position which could very easily lead to a little less aggressiveness of getting after the quarterback.
The number of tackles counted is what the stats people from the NFL count during the game versus the Ravens coaches who go back and watch their individual units and count the tackles while watching the game tape. So the number is subject to whoever you want to believe.