Thanks, but no thanks Dempe

June 20, 2007 | WNST Staff

I am hoping that I did not just read, what I thought I read in the Sun paper:
Popular former catcher Rick Dempsey, currently a broadcaster with Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, could be interviewed for the position today, according to two team sources.
One of the biggest problems with the Orioles organization is that they do not know when to say no to certain people. Sometimes you just have to use the old analogy of, “that ship has sailed.”
I have nothing personal against Rick Dempsey, although I was not a big fan of how the whole domestic violence joke thing went, but I have heard enough stories from former and current players to know that the Demper as manager would not work. What, as a part of his contract, he has to come out and do Babe Ruth impersonations during rain delays? That will go over real well in the club house.
If the Orioles are truly trying to go in a different direction, and change the atmosphere, then maybe you need to part ways with the Professor, the Crow, and the Demper.
Maybe Dempsey is now sort of the new Elrod. If you want to have him come out and stand where that plaque is for Elrod where he use to stand and sign autographs, then fine….actually, never mind, there isn’t anything there for Elrod. Although I am sure there are still plans being made to honor him.
What has Dempsey done to earn an interview for the job? If he was not good enough the last couple of times you changed managers, then why might he be now.
Do the right thing Orioles and hire Joe Girardi, and allow him to come in here and spray this thing with a can of Raid and get rid of any coaches that he wants to leave.