That guy for the UF

June 06, 2007 | WNST Staff

Every sport has one:
Baseball has A-rod or Barry Bonds
Basketball: Kobe Bryant
Football: T.O.
NASCAR: Tony Stewart
These are the guys that you either love or hate. For the UFC the Huntington Beach Bad Boy is that guy.
Tito Ortiz is a very outspoken, some what controversial at times star, he one of the most respected fighters inside the ring. Just has freely as he throws punches when he is fighting a guy, he also throws his comments about all things related to the UFC and other fighters.
Tito is always feeling free to speak his mind about whatever is asked of him. Recently he spoke out about UFC star Chuck Liddell and UFC president Dana White, there is some bad blood between Chuck, Dana, and Tito, and Tito is always willing to tell his side of the story.
I think Tito is good for the UFC, because he is a guy that you watch either to see him destroy someone or if you are not a fan of his you hope he gets knocked out. Tito has also started a very successful clothing line, and has fighters wearing his gear.
When you click on the link, you may or may not notice a familiar female face on the site. That would be the face of Tito’s girlfriend Jenna Jameson, who if you recognize her you know what she is famous for, if not, just google it.
Tito is yet another reason why the UFC is so popular, he get’s it. Stay tuned to my blog, hopefully will have some news about Tito Ortiz coming up soon.