The Aubrey Huff video

November 11, 2007 | WNST Staff

I was passed a video of Aubrey Huff’s appearance on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show this past week. Now the video does not contain Aubrey making his Baltimore and horsepoop reference, however there are some things that are discussed that I am sure would make the O’s front office raise some eyebrows.

Now I will say I understand that being on satellite radio you are able to say and talk about some things that you can not do on regular radio that after all is what makes it so popular. However as a pro athlete, you have to be smarter than to say and do some of the things that Aubrey did, whether you think no one or everyone will hear it. Aubrey and Bubba have this friendship that goes back to when Huff was playing for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Aubrey is a frequent guest on the show. This would make Aubrey more comfortable talking to him then maybe it would a talk show host from Indiana or someone he doesn’t know. However what I saw and heard makes you wonder what Aubrey was thinking and question was there not a light that went off to say “Hey, maybe that is something you should not be saying.”

While there is no way you could ever edit the video to make it R-rated, it was very disturbing to see him put himself in that type of situation. During the video there was a young lady who — let’s just say makes her living in the adult business — who was in the studio at the same time as Aubrey and you can only imagine the range of topics that were discussed. Aubrey talked about what he likes to do while the O’s are on the road that was way more information then I needed to know, or that he should have been sharing. There was a segment of the show were this lady was asked to rank the guys in order for a certain topic they were discussing. After getting ranked second, Aubrey decided to take off his shirt and see if the lady was more impressed with him after that, again he was just not very smart in my opinion. Aubrey also basically said watching film on pitchers is overrated, which maybe how every big league player feels but may not need to be said. Then there was a discussion later on about refilling the cup that Aubrey was drinking out of and making sure that the right liquid was in there. Now I am sure that Aubrey would say he was just joking around and it was an “act”, but you have to be smarter than that and think about how what you’re saying might be taken by someone listening or watching.

Look, Aubrey is a grown man and is entitled to say and or do whatever he chooses. I just think that when you are a public figure like a pro athlete or politician or whatever, you have to beware of what you are doing and saying and how it may be perceived by others. A guy like Aubrey has to realize that whether it is the off season or not, he represents MLB and in particular the Orioles in everything that he does. Whether it is not tipping enough at a restaurant, helping a old lady across the street, or being on the radio, what he says or does I think reflects on him and the Orioles organization. The question is what would or should the O’s do if they saw this tape? Is that really someone you want representing your organization? Do you worry about the message that it sends to the fans? The fact that this has become such a topic of conversation should tell you that the fans still care and take pride in their baseball team.

I am sure I will get several emails and comments about how this is not a big deal, but I think it is and was just a very, very, poor decision on Aubrey’s part.