The Best of Times… The Worst of Times- Last Night with the Oriole

May 15, 2007 | WNST Interns

The above is a quote from Charles Dickens’ "A Tale of Two Cities" and it’s applicable here.   First, it speaks to the way Baltimore feels about their team vs. the way Boston does.  Had the roles been reversed and it was the Red Sox who blew a 5-0 lead in the ninth the sports talk stations in Beantown would be blowing up with angry callers asking for the
heads of Papelbon and Francona.  Here?  Nothing.  A few calls.  But mostly silence.

I walked into one of my favorite watering holes last night (the bar at CJs restaurant in Owings Mills) thinking the Orioles had won.  I knew it was 5-0 going into the ninth and just assumed it was over.   I sat down, took a sip from my Tanqueray and Tonic, looked up and did a spit take…


I asked the bartender what happened.

"Orioles blew it" she said calmly.  And no one else in the bar seemed phased either.  As if it’s inevitable.  As if the Orioles aren’t supposed to ever take 2 out of 3 from the Red Sox. Had this been a Boston seafood restaurant there would be glass bottles, lobster shells and clam chowder all over the place- tossed by the angry mob.  But this is
Baltimore and we’re just used to losing.

It’s also a tale of two cities because the Red Sox would never have hired a guy like Sam Perlozzo to manage the team.  He’s not good enough. He’s not experienced enough.  He shows no leadership. He’s NEVER BEEN A WINNER.  I called for his firing two weeks ago and then the Orioles started to win a little and we forgot.  We forgot that we have a second
rate manager who pulls a pitcher having the best game of his career because a pop fly is dropped by his catcher, and we have a second rate closer who’s still learning how to pitch and field in the same game.

I lay most of the blame on Perlozzo because I believe he rattled his team. He got nervous in the ninth and pulled his pitcher, then his team got nervous and started doing dumb things.  And then they lost.

It’s a tale of two cities.  One of those cities will be playing in October while the other roots for the Ravens.