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July 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

Happy Monday…it’s been so long…thank god its the slowest time of the sports year…the 2 weeks before training camp…which btw is in 6 days. So lets go over a few things:

1) Tarik Glenn retired…this would, as my good friend Rob Long said, be like Ogden retiring after a Ravens Super Bowl win. This is a huge lose for the COLTS…I know it breaks your hearts, but in my world…the FANTASY FOOTBALL WORLD…its huge. Now a Rookie or an unproven 2nd year pro, will be protecting Peyton Mannings’ blind side. Plus you have a 2nd year back in Addai that will need that stretch play to be properly run in order to succeed. I think the COLTS offense will be fine…but it would not shock me if they struggle early…move Addai down a notch on those rankings.

2) The Orioles….the season is over in 6 days…lets move on…seriously…there are 2 things I am looking at the rest of the season. AUG 15th, do they sign their 1st round pick and July 31st, what do they do at the trade deadline. I think both dates will give us a very clear indication of things to come.

3) A ref in the NBA seems to have bet on game he officiated…WOW! I mean WOW! As far as sports go…this is about as big a story as they come. Which games? How many? Did he win the bets? I think this will be a very interesting story to follow.

4) Mr. Vick…the quote Ron Simmons….DAMN! I have no idea how the NFL is going to let him play this year. I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty…a fact proven again by the DUKE Lacrosse case…but I have no clue how the Falcons or the league will let Mr. Vick go on like nothing is happening…what a huge distraction. Even if he was not a ring leader of this…if he knew it was going on at all…he should never play in the NFL again…I am sorry it is barbaric..period!

FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFTS are popping up over the next month…I will do weekly tips and rankings as the start of the season goes on…also check out the WNST FANTASY FOOTBALL GAME coming soon and test your knowledge against WNST’s best…Hopefully a WNST FANTASY LEAGUE will be coming soon as well, so the masses can make fun of the staffs draft…

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