The Derby NEVER disappoints..

May 06, 2007 | Nestor Aparicio

Another Derby, another memorable race…

If you don’t have at the VERY least a lump in your throat just WATCHING this rider, Calvin Borel, get congratulated by virtually everyone in the state of Kentucky, you’re not human.

The Derby always seem to humanize these stories better than any other sporting event on earth. The Derby is ONE shot…the run for the roses, as fast as you can…

Seeing the roses go onto Borel is kinda cool.

I’ve been down in that center area after the big race before, and I’m telling you, just the stories Gary Stevens was telling about the popularity of Borel amongst his peers, lets you know how genuine this win is for this jockey, whose name is probably completely unfamiliar to the world.

In the greatest minute of his life on televison, he won me over. He’s gonna be a STAR because of this and how human he made that moment, his greatest wish come true.

It was hard to tell who was happier — him for winning, or all of his peers for SEEING him win. I have a feeling Calvin Borel is one helluva great guy!

That’s just good TV. That’s good sports. That’s what makes horse racing and the Kentucky Derby great!


As an aside, I would’ve hit the exacta with a three-team box. DAMN! It always works that way!

Exacta paid $101.80….I never bet $2 exactas..I wanna vomit!