May 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

Business.  That’s what this whole “MY Space” thing really is, right?  It’s a business.  It’s a place to market whatever it is we’re selling… Okay, so I’m a comic and Andrew and I host a radio show.  That’s what we sell.  But I mean MY Space started out as a place for kids to congregate and trade really cool video game secrets or some crap.  Now it’s guys like me, 40 years old and praying that people I don’t even know stop by to become my friend.  Okay, I don’t mind that. I could use some more friends.  Especially now, post break up.  The chick I was going to marry split because apparently BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER IS REAL! .

Until the FIGHTING UNGERS MY SPACE page is launched feel free to check out my personal page-

Add yourself as a friend or leave a comment.  Remember, there’s funny stuff there and even an R rated trailer for our film “THE FILCHAKS TAKE A GAMBLE”.

If you choose to be our friend, here are a few ground rules and statements. 

1)Please don’t co-opt our email address so that you can forward us your co-worker’s list of “TOP TEN BREAKFAST CEREALS” or that really funny joke about “a-RABS”.

2) If you’re a big-breasted chick shilling for an adult site, or some really cool “MY SPACE” add-on I have no intention of ever using, feel free to send your pictures- but they better be hot.  Something we’ve never seen before… And we’ve SEEN IT ALL!

3) Don’t send me a personalized invitation to some event when, in fact, I don’t know you, you don’t me and I’m merely being spammed by some software robot thing. I’ll see through it and as my ego has been bruised by the fact that BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER REALLY FREAKIN’ EXISTS, I’ll feel hurt and sad.

4) NEVER BE AFRAID TO COMMENT on anything we write.  That’s what this place is for.  But be prepared for what we write in response.

5) If you are an ex-girlfriend, it was YOUR FAULT!

6) If you’re someone I owe money to… I’m sorry and I’ll get it to you, I promise.  Unless we DON’T really owe you.

7) If you invite me to check out your page, make sure it’s not loaded with more CGI than Revenge of the Sith because my computer is slow so I’ll never be able to load your whole thing and I’ll get frustrated and want to delete my account.

8) If we ever do something that isn’t in keeping with “MY SPACE” etiquette please remember it’s because WE DON’T FREAKIN’ KNOW WHAT “MY SPACE” ETIQUETTE IS!

9) If you’re in a band we’ve never heard of, the odds that we really want to hear your CD are slim.  Unless you’re a chick.

10) All of the above is amenable based on my mood at the time.  I’ll try to post one of those fifty bazillion emoticon things, or whatever the hell they are, to let you know how I’m doing. 

BTW, I think Scientology uses those Emoticon things in their training seminars.  You don’t have to tell anybody how you’re feeling about anything!! Just flash the little sad face, or happy face, or the “gee, how come I didn’t get cast in the Tom Cruise movie because I’m a fifth level VORGON just like he is” face.

Oh… And dO you remember when “MY SPACE” was the place you went when YOU WANTED TO BE ALONE?


Steve Trachsel is doing a heck of a job trying to keep the Birds close. Now it’s that high priced relief staff that simply isn’t getting it done.

10-1?  Please.

Trachsel leaves the game after the sixth inning with the score tied 1-1.  Then that really “worth the money” bullpen comes in.  Let’s take a quick look at the salaries involved, shall we?  Chad Bradford makes 3.1 million.  Jamie Walker makes 3 million (I wonder if he’s jealous of Bradford).  I couldn’t find Todd Williams’ salary but since he’s been in the league so long, I assume it’s a nice chunk of change and, thankfully, John Parrish only makes 575 thousand.  Last night, between them, they accounted for 8 hits and 9 earned runs.  GREAT JOB GUYS! Thanks.  You could feed Somalia for ten years with these salaries!  How about giving us some productivity?

Jay Gibbons is finally benched and I’m glad.  He stinks.  That’s just the way it is.  He’s never been anywhere near the player some thought he’d be.  I was never sold on him and now that certain rules regarding substances have changed, he seems to be losing whatever benefit he once offered.  Gee, I wonder why?

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