The Last Time I Talk About The Orioles

August 12, 2007 | WNST Interns

One thing’s for certain following Brian Roberts’ comments after Friday night’s game: true Orioles fans are fed up with this organization’s attitude towards them.

I know it with certainty following my show yesterday.  I really had NO intention of spending three hours dedicated to parsing BRob’s comments and responding to them.  But it definitely made my blood boil as I enjoyed my morning coffee, and I just knew I had to respond.  And the fact is, as an Orioles fan who feels embarrassed and disassociated from all that’s holy and good about baseball due to THEIR incompetence, both on and off the field, I’m not going to sit quietly by and allow the players, the manager or anyone in the front office to heap blame on me or any other fans.

Roberts’ comments are curious in both their timing and attitude.  By most accounts, he’s a fan favorite who actually hustles for whole games (quite rare on this team).  Coming during a week in which the front office allowed a respected and well-liked veteran in Chris Gomez to go to Cleveland for $20,000.00 (insert laugh track here), maybe BRob is venting at the fans because he knows he can’t aim his anger at the front office.  Whatever his rationale or logic, my point is simply this: Leave the fans out of it!  It’s just not OUR fault!  Look towards that Warehouse for your answers.  Go ask them why we’re not there.  Go ask them what the hell’s going on when you only get $20K for a legitimate utility infielder.  Go ask them why Matt Wieters hasn’t signed yet.  But LEAVE THE FANS OUT OF IT!  IT’S NOT OUR FAULT!!

Brian, I would direct you to WNSTV for your answers.  Nestor’s videos from the last 2 days, all shot downtown, are both enlightening and distressing.  This is what you get after ten years of ineptitude.  Apathy.  Heaped upon apathy.

Please sell the team, Peter.  It’s really the only solution.  Take your $700 million, or $800 million, and disappear.  Please.

This is the last time I’m going to ask.  This is the last time I’m going to acknowledge the franchise in any way on my blog.  Know why?

Kickoff is 7 p.m. Monday Night!!!  See you in Section 129.