November 16, 2007 | WNST Interns


So I open my Internet Explorer to look up some information about tonight’s MISL "DEBUT". I figure I’d get a nice big display on the Fox Soccer Channel website and much to my surprise I found not one word, a drop of information, a picture, a hint, of the fact that a "DEBUT" broadcast was happening tonight. I know the Baltimore Blast nor the expansion franchise from Monterrey have any control over the Fox Soccer website but I think somewhere back in Marketing 101 you at least advertise the fact you have a "DEBUT" broadcast on tonight. Look I’m not under any delusion that this TV package is going to be the cure all for the MISL and its need for growth in the United States.  In fact, there is even a good argument this is going to hurt the gate for the clubs in the short term. For instance tonight I have a soccer tournament to go to so I can now TIVO/DVR the game from 8-10pm and watch it later instead of somehow figuring out a way to get downtown tonight. That equals = loss of parking revenue, concession dollars, etc for the venue and club. The plus side is the potential for the MISL to gain exposure to a wider audience but it’s attempting to do so on the least watched night of television in the USA. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds from the: quality of broadcast, to the ratings, to the short term and long term impact on the clubs and the league. I wish them luck and I hope this is a chance to get this league moving forward in its quest to obtain Major League status.

Weekend Preview.

I went 4-1 last week with my picks so I’m off to a good start. This weekend the 4-0 Blast is at home entertaining 1-2 Monterrey. After the Blast faced a porous Orlando team, a very bad Philadelphia side, and an injury plagued Milwaukee team, they meet another expansion franchise in Monterrey. Monterrey actually has a win 17-10 over Philadelphia to its credit and they have been very competitive to date this season. This will be the first trip outside of Mexico or California so look for that to be a factor on Friday Night. I look for a tight contest for three quarters and the Blast to pull out an 11-8 win in the fourth quarter. The Blast is without injured Goal keeper Sago who is nursing a calf injury. The La Ra Za of Monterrey feature Blast killer Genoni Martinez (7 Points) and Jose Birche (8 Points). It will be interesting to see who Fox portrays as the stars for each team. My big question is what happens if the program runs over the 2 hour allotted window for the broadcast? It will be very bad if they cut away at 10pm and the game is not concluded. Below is the schedule and my score predictions in (   ).

November, 17th , 7:15 PM

Detroit Ignition (13)

California Cougars (12)

November, 17th , 7:00 PM

New Jersey Ironmen (10)

Chicago Storm (14)

November, 17th , 6:00 PM

Orlando Sharks (4)

Milwaukee Wave (20)

November, 17th , 7:05 PM

Monterrey La Raza (7)

Philadelphia Kixx (8)