The Orioles- ‘It is What it is

June 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

It’s the most obnoxious phrase currently in the english language.  "It is what it is" says nothing about anything.  It allows the person who utters it to dismiss themselves from engaging in conversation.  It can explain away a bad situation, a bad marriage or, in this case, a VERY BAD baseball team. It’s Popeye’s "I am what I am" revisited and it’s YOUR BALTIMORE ORIOLES. 

They’re not over achieving, under achieving or just missing a couple of pieces. This Orioles team "is what it is".

Miguel Tejada will hit for high average, drive in runs and play adequate defense.  He will NOT hit 35 plus homeruns. Why?  Because he IS what he IS.

Eric Bedard is a great #2 or an even better #3 starter.  He’s not an ace.  He IS what he IS.

Daniel Cabrera is big and strong and pitches brilliantly for short periods of time but then he’ll implode and walk 10 guys. It’s not lack of concentration.  It’s not a small strike zone (he tried to offer that as an excuse for last night’s disaster).  It’s because Daniel Cabrera IS what he IS.

Jay Gibbons, Corey Patterson and Kevin Millar are barely qualified to be in the major leagues right now.  Millar is at the end while Patterson and Gibbons simply don’t have the talent to compete consistently on the major league level. Guess why?  They ARE what they ARE.

Melvin Mora should have already been traded five times. He’s a journey man guy you bring in to fill out a roster. He’s not a guy you pay 40 million dollars to.  Not ever.  And that would be because, say it with me, "HE IS WHAT HE IS."

Jay Payton is a fourth outfielder at the tail end of his career.  You pick him up late in the season to give you some experience for the stretch run.  You don’t pick him up in the winter and describe him as a "key off season acquisition".  He IS what he IS.

Aubrey Huff is a… (see Jay Payton except Huff is younger and looks more like Conan O’Brien than Payton does).

Dany Baez, Todd Williams and the other relievers are guys who will remain inconsistent throughout their careers. A lot of their success will depend on the situations they enter, their usage and a little bit of luck.  They’re RELIEF PITCHERS or, to put it another way, THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE!

Don’t be disappointed in this year’s team. They’ll win sometimes, they’ll lose more often.  There will be walkoff home runs and guys like Markakis diving to make a great catch.  Brian Roberts will get on base often and steal a lot of them.  Guthrie will show some promise.  There will be periods where it seems the Orioles might just have a chance to make a little noise.  But then reality will set in.  This team ISN’T close to greatness. This team simply IS WHAT IT IS.

When’s football gonna start already?