The O’s will disappoint yo

April 05, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’ve watched three games, and in that time I’ve grown even further convinced that this Baltimore Orioles team will disappoint you, again. Heck, they haven’t even played a game in Baltimore, yet, and they are done.

My assertions are not rooted in some deep, troubled desire to enjoy the failures of others. I love baseball; I really love it. For me, baseball is the single most difficult sport to excel at. Where else can you fail at a ratio of 7 to 10, and be considered an all-star? Yeah, maintain a .300 batting average and you’re an All-Star, especially on this team.

For weeks, I’ve been complaining that this team didn’t really bolster the bullpen to the extent many thought. Well, forget that notion, right now. They can’t even get to the point of having the vulnerable ‘pen exploited. This team is very weak in depth, as evidenced by Ramon Hernandez’s injury.

They cannot compete against “running teams” like the Twins, without a strong-armed catcher. Forget about their offensive prowess, even though, Bako or Castillo couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. They can’t throw out runners. It’s basic, if a somewhat formidable runner gets on first, he’s gone …….. putting a player in scoring position.

As for this weekend’s series in the Bronx, the Orioles are so very lucky that Johnny Damon is limping around like Barbaro, right now. But, Jeter, Abreu and A’Rod are healthy, and they’ve got wheels. Thus, if they reach first, they’re going to second ….. albeit in a couple pitches. It’s simply too hard to win when the opponent continually factors baserunners into scoring position.

So, this is the essence of my contention with the Orioles; they’re bad. Forget television packages and fan relations. This team will not win, and that’s the bottom line. Honestly, it’s a bottom line that’s simply grown too old around here. For those who caught my show, last Sunday, I brought up a little discussed tidbit. The Orioles have a brutal April schedule.

This team could be in real trouble by May Day. But, hey, by then we’ll be less than ninety days away from training camp in Westminster. Have any thoughts ?? Let me know at rex