The Price of ‘Juice

April 18, 2007 | WNST Interns

So, Sammy Sosa hit career homer #591 last night. Who cares? Think about it … ten years ago, if a player was closing in on 600 homeruns, the baseball world would stop and take notice. Heck, it would be a lead story on ESPN and other cable channel venues.

But, it’s 2007, and people realize these homers really don’t mean much. It’s amazing and refreshingly fitting to find that baseball fans and purists won’t allow the game to be reduced to a legitimate version of the World Wrestling Federation … or whatever it’s called these days.

The baseball community is waking up and noticing something awry. As the 2007 season progresses, we are witnessing first hand results and evidence of the ramifications of this “performance enhanced era”. Barring some unforeseen miracle, we will have a new ALL TIME HOMERUN KING this summer. It’s coming…be prepared.

But, the madness doesn’t stop there. Sammy Sosa appears to be a lock for 600 this year. And, a healthy Ken Griffey could join him. Don’t despair, the “500 Homerun Club” – that prestigious fraternity – is about to get bloated as well. As many as four new members could join the ranks this season

Yes, Jim Thome, Frank Thomas, Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez are mere swings away. So where is all the pomp and circumstance? I think baseball fans are waking up. The homerun is no longer chic. It’s simply commonplace and ordinary. This is the result of big muscles and bloated egos. Oh well!  Bud Selig allowed “this bed to be made”, so he should get to sleep in it a lot this summer.