The Ravens tight end position going into Sunday

October 04, 2007 | WNST Staff

So will Quinn Sypniewski be the only tight end the Ravens will have going into Sunday’s game? The answer I think is no.
Although Todd Heap and Dan Wilcox have not practiced this week, I believe one of them will be active on Sunday. The only tight end the Ravens have on their practice squad is Lee Vickers from North Alabama. Lee has only been with the Ravens for about a week and a half, so not sure, how much he has gotten into the starting offense and how the tight ends are used. Also, keep in mind he has only been at tight end for about a year as he was a DE when the Eagles signed him last year.
Now who will it be Todd, or Dan? A hamstring issue has bothered Todd, while Dan has had problems with both ankles and his toe. It will be a interesting to see the decision that Brian makes on Sunday.