The RAVENS will win the Super Bowl…

July 26, 2007 | WNST Interns

…that is what Rex Ryan and his entire staff said at the 3rd Annual Dinner and Conversation with Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan at Shula’s Steak House Wednesday night. Now this is not just coach speak or wishful thinking…they truly believe it, you can hear it in their voices, you can see it in their eyes…THE RAVENS WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL.

I had the opportunity to attend my 1st Rex Ryan Dinner and the only down side to the night, was that it made me wish I was at the first two. A great night…along with Rex Ryan, coaches Mike Pettine, Clarence Brooks, Mark Carrier and Dennis Thurman came to share their perspective and opinion on the Ravens and the 2007 upcoming season. IT IS OFFICIALLY FOOTBALL SEASON..if you had a pulse you wanted to run through a wall after last night. The coaches are ready…to tell you the truth training camp can’t here fast enough for them.

Some highlights:

  • The Colts loss hurt the team as much if not more then it hurt the fans…they truly understood what the game meant and represented and its a bad taste they still can’t get rid of…they can’t wait and really want the Colts here for the AFC Championship so they can right a terrible wrong.
  • Samari Rolle is the starting CB on this team…and he is not even in competition with anyone…the mistakes last year were all metal mistakes, not one physical breakdown according to Mark Carrier…at one point a fan mentioned something about the Carolina game and Mr. Rolle. At that point Dennis Thurman quickly corrected him and politely told him he has no idea….Btw…Dennis Thurman is one of the nicest, personable and funniest men I have had the privilege of meeting (even if he ran Katie from the table). So everyone who doubts about Samari going into this season, give him a pass…the coaches think he is a pro bowler…and we have no reason to doubt them.
  • You never think about coaches a lot, but the experience the coaching staff brings to this team is amazing…you just have to come and meet these guys next year…maybe WNST will get a larger room…put me down for a table now.
  • I got the sense that the loss of AD, WILL MAKE THE RAVENS A BETTER DEFENSE!…I know AD was/is a great player, but Rex Ryan said 2 things that made a lot of sense. One, teams could look for where AD was and account for him last year, to a degree. Two, now the other teams will have no clue who will do the things AD did…they will use a handful of people to do this…and you will never know what or who is coming…interesting. They also said they have been prepared for AD’s departure since the beginning of the 2006 season, so they are/were ready for it.

All in all a great night for any and all Ravens fans. You can listen today to the radio portion of the night all day long and its well worth it…also check out WnsTV…where I am sure there will be many videos of the event as cameras were everywhere.

OK when is the first practice…as Anne from the Examiner said to me last night…the only problem with the evening is that you peak too soon…ain’t that the truth….

WNST’s Fantasy Football game is coming soon…some great prizes and fun will be had…

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