The Refs Cost the Ravens the Game!

December 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

Someone needs to file a complaint with the NFL commissioner’s office because the officiating in last night’s game was atrocious.  How can the Ravens possibly compete against a juggernaut like the Indianapolis Colts if the refs refuse to throw flags for things like "scoring at will", "illegal use of talent" and "failing to be nice to their opponent"?

Anyone watching saw several incidents where the Colts blatantly completed passes for touchdowns without any regard for the fact that the Ravens had injuries, were coming off an emotional loss to the Patriots and, for crying out loud, were the HOME TEAM!  Someone should’ve at least had the decency to penalize the Colts for making Kyle Boller look like he’d never played football before.

And if that wasn’t enough, how could the refs possibly miss the fact that, even with a half time lead of 37-7, the Colts continued to play with 11 men of the field?  Isn’t there a rule against that?

It’s become more and more clear to me that the league has it in for the Ravens.  I don’t know if it’s because of Billick’s smugness, the team’s propensity for silly dances after tackles, or because they just hate Edgar, Allan and Poe, the team mascots.  Whatever the case, the league is clearly hell bent on seeing the Ravens fail. I mean, come on, they keep making them play week after week after week. If the league doesn’t hate the team, then certainly they must hate the fans.

Side Note- How many of you noticed the television graphic showing the Colts record for most points scored in a quarter was 27 by the ’58 Baltimore team?  I guess we owe thanks to our much heralded defense for stepping it up just enough in the first quarter to save the city the further embarrassment caused by having the old record broken AGAINST US!  There would’ve been mass suicides.

Side Note #2- Yes, Troy Smith looked good but keep in mind he was playing against a very bored and soggy second string defense that just wanted to go home.  So don’t start with the quarterback controversy crap, okay?  There IS no quarterback controversy in Baltimore anymore.  Kyle Boller is the starter and he’s TERRIBLE and I promise you’ll never hear me say otherwise again.

Side Note #3- My Ravens "Player of the Game" Award goes to the RAVENS MARCHING BAND for sitting in the rain for three hours with their team getting mutilated worse than those poor cows on that X-Files episode and managing to still play music.