The single dumbest article you will read toda

June 05, 2007 | WNST Staff

I know the UFC is not for everybody, and mostly old school boxing fans oppose to it, but for this buffoon to write an article like this bashing UFC fans and their intelligence is just plain dumb.
Then to bash Spike TV for picking up shows like The Ultimate Fighter…..Hey genius why don’t you do some research and call the people at Spike and ask them how profitable TUF has been for them.
Here is another clue for you, watch the freaking show you are trying to bash. TUF has major sponsors: Burger King, Amp’ed Mobile,Mickey’s,and the list goes on and on. You even admit that the PPV numbers are better than most other sports. Also Brian, what happened to the great show The Contender that was the boxing reality show? What channel is that on now? Nick at night? Outdoor Life? Just wondering?
To say that people that watch the UFC basically are dumb to other sports is just plain stupid. I am willing to bet you most fans of this sport can talk about whatever sport that you want, and if the fans of the sport are so stupid, what does that make the people that play the sport that follow the UFC.
Go in the Brewers club house or Packers or whatever team you want and say “everyone that watches the UFC are buffoons”, see how long before that uncomfortable feeling starts to sit in.
To insult the fighters is absolutely a dumb thing to do also. How about Tito Ortiz who runs a very successful business.  How about Chuck Liddell who was on the cover of ESPN the magazine, and on the show Entourage, and is about to go on the David Letterman show……guess Letterman is a dumb to then.
Here is the thing that bothers me the most. Do I know everything about the UFC? No.
Is it something that I want to learn about? Yes. Can you deny the fact that it is the fastest rising sport? No. So to learn more, you read about it, check out some DVD’s, talk to people that are in the sport and understand it like John Rallo here in Baltimore.
Not every sport is for everyone, I get it. I am not a big hockey fan, I don’t understand it, or know the rules, but I would not say that fans of the NHL or basically cavemen and do not understand other sports.