The Truth Hurts …

May 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

So, let me get this straight …. the Yankees are considering an attempt to void the remainder of Jason Giambi’s contract. Furthermore, Major League Baseball is investigating Giambi; all due to his recent remarks regarding the inaction of players and management on the topic of performance enhancing substances.

I don’t think I’ve ever written any blogs that could be considered detrimental or critical of the Yankees. I consistently compare them to the Orioles, which results in the birds looking less than stellar. I think the Yankees do whatever they must in the spirit of winning and championships. Thus, I’m not so concerned about this latest Giambi ordeal.

This really has nothing to do with Mr. Steinbrenner developing a sense or morality or heightened integrity. Trust me …. the primary intention is to “light a fire” under Giambi, who’s struggled at the plate. If Giambi had 10 homers and a respectable batting average, right now, “The Boss” would have his back. Don’t forget, Mr. Steinbrenner was the same guy who gave numerous opportunities to Steve Howe, Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. So …. there is no argument regarding integrity ….

As for Mr. Selig and the MLB bigwigs, they’re just pissed that Giambi drug them back under the bus they’ve been trying crawl away from the past two years. Giambi’s interview with USA Today was rooted in blunt honesty. He said he shouldn’t have used “that stuff”. He further suggested that the league should have enacted a rule, earlier, and that affected players and leaders owed fans an apology. He’s right.

His remarks reflect those of a guy who’s truly contrite. Yeah, the guy cheated and disrespected the sport, but he’s sorry. Is there no forgiveness for these transgressions? Are we hearing any conciliatory gestures from Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire or anyone else? MLB will try to hammer Giambi on this, but they’ll stand idly by while the biggest, most explicit user of performance enhancing drugs shatters the game’s most revered record.

Don’t buy into the MLB stance or Yankees’ supposed gesture of ethical devotion. “Uncle Bud” and his cronies are upset that Giambi has revealed a bit more of the “dirty little family secret”. And, the Yankees just want the guy to feel the pressure and start crushing the ball, again. If they start winning – and they will – they’ll drop this proposition, because it’s bad for team chemistry.

As for MLB …. their respective heads will be on the block when Barry Bonds hits another 10 homers. Their game is “smoke and mirrors” …. and right now, we’re getting smoke and it’s being blown directly up our ….