The Way of the Warriors, A Great Day for Sports, and When Will Athletes Learn

May 05, 2007 | WNST Interns

Golden State did what?  Huh?  I didn’t realize they were even still in the league. I thought they became the L.A Clippers or something.  Does Chris Mullen still play for them?  What about that ex-Terp Joe Smith?  Is he still over there? 

Baron Davis and a bunch of other guys I’ve barely heard of pulled off one of the greatest upsets in NBA history last night.  Their defense shut down Dallas like they were an illegal poker game.  They made superstar Dirk Nowitzki look like Dirk Diggler- not a bad thing if you’re in the adult entertainment industry. However if you play pro basketball for a living and you’re supposed to be the team leader (not to mention a “lock” for league MVP) it’s not so good. I’m pretty sure an MVP is expected to score more than eight points in a must win game.  I mean the guy only made four more baskets than I did and I was at a bar drinking the whole night.

What happened, you ask?  Don Nelson happened.  The Mavs ran into a team of misfits, castaways and spare parts coached by the same man who created these Mavericks, particularly Nowitzki, in the first place.  Don Nelson knows Nowitzki better than anyone in the league and he knew exactly how to keep him contained. Also Avery Johnson was horribly outcoached.  You could see the matchup difficulties in game one yet Johnson never made any adjustments.  Or perhaps he didn’t have the tools.  Either way Golden State moves on and Mark Cuban, the loudest man to never win a championship, has plenty of time to work on that Chicago Cubs purchase.


I don’t know how we’re going to squeeze everything in tomorrow morning. You have two highly anticipated events with the Kentucky Derby and the Mayweather-De La Hoya fight.  I like De La Hoya in an upset and my brother LOVES Mayweather.  Tomorrow morning we’ll tell you why. 

We’ll also be talking Derby with Jenny Rees from the Louisville Courier-Journal. I’ve never been to Churchill Downs but they say it’s one of those events that everyone should try to get to at least once in their life.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s horrible.  Maybe it’s boring.  Maybe it’s just a bunch of rich people wearing silly hats, getting wrecked on mint juleps and vomiting all over their designer clothing.  We’ll let Jenny tell us. 

We also have to talk about the Orioles.  Well, okay, we don’t HAVE to.  There’s no corporate mandate.  But we’re going to give them one more week of coverage.  If they fail to show up again next week, we’re dumping them as a sport and will spend the summer discussing lacrosse… NOT.

Congratulations to Steve from Owings Mills.  He won last week’s Fighting Ungers Fantasy “You Stink” baseball contest. His pick, Ivan Rodriguez, did absolutely nothing all week long. 

In case you haven’t heard about it, each week we name a handful of key offensive players who will be facing the Orioles that week and then give you a chance to pick one guy who you can root for to put up crappy fantasy numbers for the whole week.  Worst player gets you a $25 gift certificate to the Bowman Restaurant in Parkville. 

Given the Orioles anemic offense and the fact that they don’t seem to really care, this week we’re going to use Orioles players only.  Same rules apply.  Should be fierce competition for worst of the week.  Well, except Tejada and we’ll leave him off the list.


I just don’t get it.  I’ll never understand why professional athletes, get behind the wheel when they’re drunk and/or high.  These guys make a fortune.  Even a relief pitcher like Hancock was making over a million a year.  Get a cab!  Hire a limo!  But DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! 

St Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Josh Hancock died last week when his SUV rammed into the back of a flat bed tow truck.  Today it was announced that he had a blood alcohol level of 0.157.  Folks, that’s loaded.  Believe me. I speak from experience. 

About nine years ago I made the mistake of leaving a restaurant after several too many shots of tequila and got arrested for DUI.  I deserved it.  What I did was wrong and stupid.  My blood alcohol level was the same as Hancock’s and I can tell you I was plastered.  He’s a bigger guy than me but I’m sure he was in no condition to drive. 

In this instance, the only victim was himself.  For the safety of the players and the fans who pay to see them,  I suggest all leagues get MUCH TOUGHER on drunk driving.  There simply is no excuse for guys getting behind the wheel.  Is it ego?  Probably.  We all know the old “hey, I can handle my liquor” excuse that drunks use.  I’ve used it.  So have many of you.  It ain’t worth it.  And now a guy is dead. 

Sorry to end on that sad note but sometimes it ain’t all sports and haha’s.