Theeeee Yankees Lose

October 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

There is nothing in this world better than watching the Yankees get eliminated from the playoffs. The Yankees needed a hit and Jeter grounded into a double play. Alex Rodriguez was sitting on the bench after the game wondering why his team never wins. Joe Torre was getting all choked up at the press conference because he knew that he wasn’t going to be asked back for not winning with the best players in baseball year after year. It was the 7th inning and there were a lot of empty seats in the lower bowl of Yankee Stadium. Those great Yankee fans walked out of a playoff game. That may have been the most entertaining thing that I’ve seen on TV since they got beat last year.

Is it me, or does Tony Gwynn look like he has gained 100 pounds since the Hall of Fame induction? Wow. He looked uncomfortable sitting in that booth. With that said, it’s great having the best hitter of my generation analyzing the game. Good job by TBS.

The Monday Night Football game last night was awesome. I don’t like the Cowboys or the Bills but that game is why we watch sports. I got carpal tunnel from flipping my remote back and forth between MNF and the Yankee game. It’s always fun to root against Jerry Jones and T.O. but it’s also funny to see a team have its heart ripped out at the end of an exhausting game.

I got a phone call from Kevin Behan today. Kevin has worked with the Baltimore Orioles as the Baseball Information Manager for several years and is leaving the team. Kevin has always gone out of his way to help us keep our listeners well informed here at WNST. I thank him for all of his help. The Orioles are losing a good guy and a good employee. Good luck with your new job Kevin!