This and That…and BONDS!

July 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well its Chicken Box Friday…but its just not the same…something feels out of sorts…I don’t know maybe its the extra chicken box we will have to fight over since ROB LONG is in "god’s county" making bets about the JETS.

And Rob, tell your cousin I will take the bet that the JETS will go 12 – 4…no way…as for the RAVENS 9 – 7!?!?!, Maybe…I see 10 – 6, but one McNair injury or a bad bounce, with our schedule…9 – 7 would not shock me.

Ah, my boy Barry…how you make it so tough to defend you. I will say this to REX and all others….

  • The fans did not vote Bonds in the Homerun Hitting Contest, they voted him into the game
  • If you are going to criticize Bonds, then you have to lend the same to Griffey, AROD, ORTIZ and the rest that will not participate in the HR hitting contest. If MLB had any guts they would make it mandatory or hand out a huge fine for bowing out…but this is BUDS world so that is not happening.
  • Bonds is still the best I have seen in my era…jerk or not.
  • Freddie Bynum went 2 for 4 and is now hitting .283….give him a chance….everyone onto the Bynum bandwagon!!!

Talk to you later today…on Chicken Box Friday!!