This Is My Sanctua

April 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

I don’t feel it’s necessary to start this by telling you of all of the social issues that I try to tackle in my life. It has no place right now. I am a sports talk radio host, and yes, I use my position to tackle some of the social issues that I wish to tackle.

However, I really believe we need to leave the hollowed ground of sports to entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, milestones such as the one Jackie Robinson accomplished need not go unrecognized. But even that happened within the confines of the world of sports. That’s something that baseball needs to be proud of.

Let’s not allow the outside world ruin what sports has done for us. When you are at a Ravens game, it doesn’t matter who’s sitting next to you. You both want your team to win.

The issues we need to tackle are why the O’s continue to lose. Why can’t our offense score more than 30 points in more than six games a year? Why can’t we get a new arena to host prominent sporting events? Don’t allow outside factors to destroy our sanctuary. Those issues ought to be stomped on with both feet, but not through the sports world.