This Is Not Michael Waltrip’s Year ..

April 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

I guess you could say that from a professional perspective, <i’m familiar with responding to car accidents in the middle of the night. I’m also familiar with circumstances in which a driver has left the scene. All too often, drivers flee the scene for “less than honorable” reasons.

Thus, I’m not buying Michael Waltrip’s reasoning for walking away from a serious collision. I find Waltrip’s excuse of being “embarrassed” as a primary reason for leaving the scene to be inexcusable. I know, you know, and everybody else knows why he left that scene. An eyewitness claimed that she confronted Waltrip as he exited the overturned vehicle. Allegedly, she advised him that authorities were responding, but he fled, anyway.

During my participation in WNST’s on-air contest, I promoted NASCAR as a professional sports league, unlike any other when considering discipline and decorum; although, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, took a big step in governing his league in the right direction, this week. NASCAR has always avoided the problems and resulting reputations suffered by other sports leagues by punishing acts of misconduct in a swift and certain manner.

I certainly hope NASCAR President, Mike Helton, treats Waltrip’s situation with the expressed levity it deserves. I’ve seen this too many times before. Michael Waltrip left that scene to minimize the embarrassment, not as a result of it. He deserves to be punished by NASCAR. But, he hasn’t qualified for a race since Daytona. So, what could they do to him?

Maybe they could let him park his racecar and “walk” around the track.