This morning I logged two hundred miles on my car, and made it back for kickoff.

September 17, 2007 | WNST Staff

But for the love of my eldest, I-95 North and a hug cup of coffee were my driving( no pun,tee-hee) force. The Villanova Senior Breakfast, where I would meet all the parents, of my daughters housemates. Now understand, my daughter’s pals, I know well, in fact my home, many times has been a Villanova "dorm" south, for events like Virgin Fest. But this was meeting the other parents—AND what really stinks, beside the crap hour of my arise, was that I had to wear a dress!

One of my daughter’s best  male pals met me at the door, with an Eddie Hasckell  tone-" Hello Mrs. Simanski-you look so wonderful, Mrs. Simanski" Blah-Blah-Blah.. Only to follow it up with " Your Ravens , Hmmm Monday night." (STRIKE ONE)

 This A.H., is a total New England & Red Sox geek, so I did, what any well bread Smalltimore fan would maturely do.." Hello CHEATER- how many more kids is Brady gonna  ditch?"…  I never said I was mature..

Now I sit at the table, in my  dress, to meet the adults-the parents-and why do they look so much older than me???

Roomie Lori, to my left, (whom I have never met before)  "Are you Catie’s Mom?  " Well yes, and smiled..   " I’m a huge Indy Colts fan! "(STRIKE TWO) 

At this point, the tip of  my tongue is experiencing a great deal of  pressure.

To my right Ashley’s parents.. F—in Redskins fans, from Nortern Virgina, and to add insult to injury they love the Yankees. Now , my lip is starting to twitch..(STRIKE THREE)

  Control Anne–these are your daughter’s friend’s &  family.

Hang on , I told myself- only a few hours till I head home to the Raven game……

Beside seeing my daughter, the only highlight was meeting Villanova’s Head B-ball Coach Jay Wright-who is so HOT!!!

Made it back to the Stadium just in time, for all things right, in the land of pleasant living-Football….

Game Thoughts:  Finally, I get to sound off and say.. SHUT-UP Boller bashers.. Woo-Hoo.

I give te newbie, QB,  for the Jets, double Coors light’s UP.  This kid did great.

It’s 10.40 pm-I’m very ty-ty-plus watching AD Thomas run a TD in for the Patriots has done me in for the day.

Keep it going Ravens

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