This Sunday is FATHERS DAY …. Elijah Dukes Should Be ‘Knee Deep’ In Gift

June 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

I guess Elijah Dukes is sporting more than just a potent bat, these days. If you haven’t heard, Dukes, one of Tampa Bay’s blossoming, young stars is alleged to have had sex with a 17 year old girl; a foster child, in the custody of his family. Oh, it gets better …. she’s pregnant. The baby is due in November. You may also recall Elijah Dukes is married – he and his estranged wife have children together.

In fact …. and for those keeping “tabs,” Dukes has fathered six children with five different mothers. Ahh …. this will be lucky #7. I guess we could look at the bright side and say he’s accomplished a lot in his young life; Elijah Dukes is only 22 years old. Wow …. with so much time logged under the sheets, I’m amazed he’s had an opportunity to hone his baseball skills.

What do you get this guy for Father’s Day? I believe I’ll purchase him a copy of the hit single, “Wrap It Up,” by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Imagine being in Elijah’s shoes and standing in the outfield and hearing the cry of “Daddy” from the seats behind him. He probably doesn’t know whether to turn around or not.

Seriously, don’t you think someone has counseled Mr. Dukes on the “facts of life” and the modern practices of birth control? Note to Elijah …. contraceptives did not debut with ipods. The sad truth is this behavior and reckless lifestyle will create hardships, for numerous people, for many years.

I’m just wondering how Elijah Dukes will wiggle out of this latest crisis, when it comes to his turbulent relationship with the Devil Rays. Remember, in late April he allegedly burst into his wife’s classroom (she’s a teacher in Tampa) and threatened to kill her. He’s also allegedly left phone messages of the same nature and sent a photo of a gun to her.

To suggest Elijah Dukes is living an undisciplined life on and off the baseball field is a legitimate argument. The above dialogue certainly paints a pretty chaotic picture of Dukes’ personal life. However, his professional life can be judged to be as equally disturbing. Sure, he’s hit 10 homers this season. But, he’s also carrying around a .196 batting average.

Given these numbers, I’d say Dukes has delivered some truly clutch performances, this year. However, his overall discipline at the plate is awful. Hmmm …. can you see a correlation between the two phases of his life? Thus, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are in a bad spot when it comes to Dukes, aren’t they?

Do they release him, given his poor character? He’ll get scooped up, immediately. Do they demote him to the minors? Oh yeah, that’s just the role model they need for the other youngsters. Thus, they’ve gotta trade him or just tread water. There have been rumblings that Dukes is being shopped. That’s the best alternative.

Regardless of Dukes’ ability to play baseball, his personal life is obviously “out of control.” I’m not saying he doesn’t have a fan base. I’ll guarantee you there’s five women in the Tampa area hoping he makes it big …. really big. Still, he’s a guy who makes poor choices whenever he’s overcome by that “Barry White” kinda feeling.

It’s easy to poke fun at Dukes. But, I’d bet there are six kids (soon to be seven) who won’t be finding this situation funny as the years go by. That said …. Happy Fathers Day, Elijah.

Now, go out and earn it.