This Weekend On ‘The Fighting Unger

April 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

Looking forward to this Saturday’s show.  Bob Reno from will be calling in to talk about some of the bizarre and naughty stuff that happens in high school, college and pro sports. Drunken cheerleaders and inappropriate coaches are Bob’s specialty. He’s the guy who broke the story about the Northwestern women’s soccer team hazing incident and is just a really funny guy. Also if the Orioles don’t want to give us anyone, who cares? We’ll be checking in with WFAN sports news director Sweeney Murti. The FAN is New York’s biggest sports talk station and Murti will give us his take on the Yankees pitching issues, the Orioles inability to win ball games and why Alex Rodriguez is such a putz.  Also the “Married to Mommy” guys will be on the show to talk about their book on marriage survival. It’s funny, helpful for guys trying to deal with an overbearing wife, and a must read. Speaking of chicks, you regular listeners know about my breakup and the hell the last few months have been. Word of advice to anyone reading this- STAY SINGLE FOREVER! I’ll be explaining why pretty much every show.

The Orioles dropped three straight at Minnesota and it looks like another sub .500 season for Angelos and Co.  When do we start looking at Perlazzo? Is he really the man for the job? I know if he goes Mazzone probably does too but if ya ain’t winning, change just to has to come.  I know something has to change because right now I’m about as impressed with the O’s as I am with the tv show “Deal or No Deal”. I DESPISE that show!  To me, it’s only a game show if you have to answer questions or spin a wheel or price a lounge chair.  Guessing how much money is in a suitcase is capitalism at its most revolting. I saw a guy on there recently who was wearing a kilt for crying out loud! No kilts! No bald Howie Mandel (who looks like a freak straight out of the movie Deliverance these days) and NO DEAL!

Quick thought on golf-

I suck at it. My brother sucks at it and knows nothing about it.  I mentioned the Masters and he said “That’s the green jacket thing right? And there’s a guy named Mickelson involved… and a tiger or something.”