Thought on Joe Torre, and My NFL Picks That Weren’t.

October 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

Before I get to my NFL knowledge, or sudden lack there of, let me touch on some things that are Yankee. Between now and Thursday when the NLCS starts, the major baseball topic will be Joe Torre and will he or won’t he be back. When my mother and I broached this topic she asked me if I really thought that Joe was done. I said that I did. And while it might be unfair, or as time may prove, the wrong move, I said that his last major managerial decision was what pitcher to start in game four, and hindsight being 20/20, he made the wrong choice.
Then I read in the NY Daily News that Torre wanted to pitch Mike in game four, but the brass wanted to go with Wang. Now this is not a lobby that my brother should have pitched. I realize that Mike had an up and down season and that Wang was a 19 game winner. I also realize that while we now know that Mike threw much better than Wang on Monday night, we have no idea how he would have done if he had started. All I’m saying is that wouldn’t it be slightly unfair for a manager to be told that if he loses that night’s game that he would be fired, then he is overruled in the one major decision he has to make?
Isn’t that what Oriole fans complain about all the time; front office meddling? Hire people to do a job and then let them do the job. And it’s not like Torre is a clueless wonder. He’s a hall of famer!
Maybe the story is not true. Who knows? The article quoted the every popular “unnamed sources.” But if it is true, isn’t that kind of sad? Could you imagine Ozzie Newsome telling Brian Billick who his starting had to be quarterback had to be? Hasn’t Billick earned the right to make that decision. Apparently Torre had not. That’s just not the way a guy of Torre’s stature should go out.
Now, onto the football. Thanks to USC, I didn’t have the worst weekend in the country. Six picks, six losses. A sizzling 13-4 to a pedestrian 13-10. I saw that Todd Helmick went 0-10 picking college football games a couple of weeks ago. All I can say to that is I’m glad I stopped at six. The Redskins don’t suck. The Seahawks kinda do. The Packers can’t hang on to the ball. Who knew? Obviously it wasn’t me.

Next week, I’ll try to do better.