Thoughts at the Half…

October 07, 2007 | WNST Interns

I said it this morning on the Sunday Morning Blitz with Rex Snider and after this first half, it definitely bears repeating: This is a season in transition for the Ravens in many ways, and I don’t think we fully appreciated that until now.

Look at the youth on the O-Line after Flynn and Terry went down.  Left to right, the line looks like this for the second half: Gaither, Brown, Chester, Grubbs and Yanda.  You may want to look at that again.  Youngest line in the NFL?  Probably.  And they’re playing well, opening some nice lanes for McGahee and generally protecting McNair well.  Transition, Ravens fans.  It’s here.

There’s no complaining about the pass D after that half.  0 yards for the Niners.  That’ll do.

One possession that nets a TD and I believe this will be a win.

Hey, now that looks like Bart Scott!  Good to see you again, kid!

Shut down Gore and it’s a fairly smooth road to victory.

More post-game.  Finish ’em off, Purple!