Thoughts From God’s Country

July 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

First of all, Rex, don’t hurt him. You don’t get into an argument about Constitutional Law with a former law enforcement officer. Especially one who’s served long enough to retire from the profession.

Now, the new USC (University of South Carolina) shirts have hit the stores in Columbia, South Carolina. I went to a local sporting goods store to purchase one or 12. My wife’s a little upset. They have four more, but I couldn’t get them. I have to find a way to get back to the store to buy them. In marriage, you pick you battles, or you learn to do things without getting caught.

I got up early to check if the Orioles won. I was quickly reminded that the baseball season was over before it started in Baltimore. I was reminded this by my wife’s family members from both South Carolina and New York. I was informed that the only chance Baltimore has to win a championship is by the Ravens winning a Super Bowl. This came from a 15 year old. He also asked me if the O’s were ever good. After I gave him a brief history lesson, he ran down all of the teams in baseball that have had play-off runs in his lifetime.

In the words of WWE Superstar Ron Simmons, "DAMN!!!"