Thoughts from the weekend and a recipe for the Orioles

September 10, 2007 | WNST Staff

* Are the Browns that bad or are the Steelers that good? Wonder if Jamal Lewis is thinking, “maybe Baltimore was not such a bad place after all.” They are just awful and it will be a long season for the Dog Pound.

* LaDainian Tomlinson proved again today that you maybe able to limit him, but you are not going to stop him and eventually he is going to make those one or two plays to beat you. The Bears proved that Rex Grossman and their offense is still no good.

* The Patriots proved why they are a very likely candidate to be playing in the big game in Arizona again.

* I just turned from the game to watch the Britney Spears performance on the VMAs and it was hands-down awful and so bad I called my wife at work to tell her and her friend Jamie — she was so sad she had to leave work early. They lit a candle in Britney’s memory.

* The VMAs are nothing like they used to be, I may flip back to see the Foo Fighters performance, because it is supposed to be awesome.

* The UFC had a free event on Spike TV Saturday night and it was a great show. Rampage Jackson became the unified Light Heavyweight Champion with his win over Dan Henderson. Houston Alexander, who has been on the Rob Long Show, continued to make a name for himself with his dominating performance. However the Matt Hamill and Michael Bisping match was a great fight that should have ended in a draw.

* Daniel Cabrera is what he is, and as I have always said, that he is not very good. He thinks it is OK that he can hit someone just because he gave up a run. He will never understand because he does not have to stand in the batter’s box. Someone like Kevin Millar should take him in the corner and tell him that he is doing more harm to his teammates than the other team. Cabrera will be another guy that will go down as an overvalued Oriole.

* OK, honestly was anyone shocked by the Jay Gibbons HGH story? I will not be shocked if there is another Oriole that gets dragged into this.

* I can honestly say that I am not shocked by Erik Bedard being done for the year — I mean, honestly what is the point? He was not going to win the Cy Young, and the team is not going anywhere.

* This is like a bad recipe for recent Orioles managers: Take a bad baseball team, add two servings of losing star player/pitcher, and add a pinch of players that supported the manager no longer doing so. After letting that form for about 85 games, mix in steroid-related allegations, more bad baseball, and hair from the black cat that is nearby, and place in oven till it melts down. If the ingredients taste bad or have expired, fire the chef (manager), bring in a new chef and have him try the recipe with the same ingredients. Repeat every year and a half — eventually the bad taste has to go away sometime.