Thursday post-practice update

November 08, 2007 | WNST Staff

Chris McAlister would not rule out the possibility playing on Sunday even with just the potential of one day of practice left. Chris said that he has played against these guys for nine years and has been in all the meetings and could be ready if need be.

Derrick Martin was a topic today and when I asked Rex Ryan if they try to point out the good things that Martin did on Monday, he said they point out the things that he did poorly instead. Rex said one of the things that Derrick has to improve on is his eyes. I asked Ryan what he meant by that and he said Derrick has to keep his eyes on his guy and not be looking in backfield for the ball.

McAlister said that Martin can’t worry about getting beat because it happens to everyone and recalled when he got beat in his first game by Yancey Thigpen. Chris said the big thing is that the young guys have to know that the team is behind him.

With David Pittman likely to be out for Sunday, Ronnie Prude could see an increase in playing time at the nickel back position more. Ryan said that Prude matched up well against T.J. Houshmandzadeh when he went against him before.

The Ravens fully expect that Chad Johnson will play on Sunday against the Ravens. Chad always talks about how much he looks forward to playing the Ravens and their secondary guys. You can imagine the excitement he must have thinking about facing the young guys.

Other news:

Mike Smith (shoulder) and Dan Cody (knee) have both been officially placed on Reserve/Injured for the year. The Ravens had 21 days to decide after they both had been on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform or six weeks. Last Tuesday was the day where the team had to make a decision as to each guy’s future, and they decided to shut them down for the year.

I spoke with Dan Wilcox today who said that he is optimistic that he can get back out on the field next week and has looked forward to Monday as being a day to see where he is physically. Dan said that his ankle is sore, but he really wants to get back out there and help the team.