Today’s Sho

April 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

Hey everybody, just a quick note for this afternoon’s show (following Loyola lax):  Former Raven and Super Bowl XXXV Champion Spencer Folau has been kind enough to accept my invitation to sit in this afternoon.  We’ll be talking all things NFL Draft: from Spencer’s experiences as a collegian to a nine-year career as an NFL lineman.  We’ll also get his insights as to whom the Ravens might be selecting at #29 in the first round.  Please tune in and call in as WNST begins Draft Week coverage!


Great win last night for the O’s.  I can’t think of a more exciting young talent in baseball than Nick Markakis.  It’s nice to call him our own.  Let’s get Adam Loewen’s control problems straightened out tonight and take this series before Trachsel goes tomorrow!