Tom Brady to Randy Moss- What Did You Expect?

October 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

Did you really think it was going to happen any other way?  Hook up the coolest, most accurate thrower since Joe Montana with possibly the most athletic wide receiver of all-time and you thought you’d get what?  Chopped liver? Try chOPPED DEFENSES.  Tom Brady and Randy Moss are laying waste to the NFL in a way not seen since Germany conquered Poland.  The Patriots are awesome.  I mean awe-SOME.  Last night, without their starting running back, without two key defensive players in Seymour and Harrison, the Patriots went into Cincinnati and beat the Bengals to death.  That’s what it was.  A horrible murder.  The Bengals are supposed to be able to score on anyone.  They’ve got a whole bunch of Johnsons, a Palmer and a Houshamacallit.  They put up twenty seven points against the Ravens.  Surely they’d find a way to match touchdowns with the Patriots, right?

Uh-uh my friends.  Watch what the New England Patriots accomplish this season.  It’s going to be spectacular.  Barring an injury to Brady, the Patriots WILL run the table.  Hey Don Shula, tell you and your boys Nick Buiniconti and Larry Csonka to forget the champagne toast this year.  The ’72 Dolphins are going down.

It’s a shame really because I despise Bill Bellichick almost as much as I do my ex girlfriend.  He’s arrogant, surly and just not a nice guy.  I have this feeling that, when his team loses, he takes it out on the family dog.  I think he’s merely a good coach lucky enough to be associated with a great organization.  He’s neither Lombardi, Shula, Noll nor Bill Walsh.  He’s closer in spirit to a George Seifert or a Jimmie Johnson.

Regardless, the Patriots will do things this season no one has ever seen before.  They won’t just beat teams.  They’ll demoralize them.  They’re so good even Chad Johnson shut up.  You can talk all you want about the weakness of their opponents thus far but if you do you’ll just sound silly.

Anyone who questioned whether or not Tom Brady was better than Peyton Manning should lose their right to watch football for six weeks.  Let’s never forget what Brady did with guys like Givens, Branch and David Patten.  Now let’s watch what he’s doing with Randy Moss and Co.  Peyton who?  ’72 Dolphins who? 

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