Tomorrow Morning’s Show and the Chick with the Ankle Bracel

April 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

Great show planned for tomorrow. At least we hope so.  On “The Fighting Ungers” Andrew and I strive for excellence but sometimes miss by a country mile. I hope you listeners understand that our show tries to be a little different in the marriage between sports and comedy and we’re always looking for the right mix. Feel free to call in tomorrow morning and talk about what’s on your mind but know going in that we may take it and run with it in as funny a way as we can.  Tomorrow morning we’ll be talking some fantasy baseball and try to discover why my brother is such a moron when it comes to drafting and working his team. He’s an idiot. No, really, he is. He’s got Chris Carpenter on the DL and is thinking about DROPPING HIM!  He can’t seem to grasp the idea that we have a special DL place on our rosters and if there’s a guy you don’t want to lose to the waiver wire, it’s someone who just might be the best pitcher in the whole freakin’ National League.  Sure, if it turns out he’s done for the season, drop him. But not yet. Oh yeah, and I’m such a fantasy baseball genius that I have a lineup that’s hitting .144 for the week with about 3 runs scored! So, naturally, I’m an expert in all things fantasy related.

Also going to be talking with Cait Murphy who’s written a fantastic book called “Crazy ’08” about the 1908 baseball season. Some baseball historians consider it the best season ever. You had crazy fights, young guys like Ty Cobb just getting started and guys like Cy Young winding down their careers. It’s “Tinker to Evers to Chance” and all of that.  We will also be talking about the original Baltimore Orioles, a team of ruffians and rogues the likes of which have never been seen in baseball before or since. I mean these guys were downright NASTY.

Hey, and some surprise guests as well so make sure you tune in from 9am-11 Saturday morning or listen online at

Hanging out the “Barn”  on Harford Road drinking a couple of beers and listening to a great band called “Chick Flick”. These guys are older than me and their skills as musicians were awesome. They wailed for over two hours with covers of classic U2, Led Zeppelin, The Who and a bunch of other great stuff.  It was a blast. I met this chick who just got off of house arrest and had to wear the ankle bracelet for a month.  For some reason I found that sexy. Wanna know why? BECAUSE I’M INSANE! Sure, a room full of great chicks and I find the one who got arrested!  Kidding, she was a cool chick to talk though. 

So while I’m at the bar I keep looking up at the Orioles game and seeing nothing going on.  Where are the bats? I’ll tell you where they are. They don’t have ’em folks.  Period.  If you can’t light up Royals pitching, you’re done.  People try to tell me that Jay Payton and Ramon Hernandez will make a difference when they return. Really? Are you high? I wanna believe. I SO wanna believe. But I just don’t see it.  The team simply can’t compete with most of the A.L. lineups.  Tejada shouldn’t be a cleanup hitter and the 7 thru 9 holes simply blow offensively.  I’m going to hang in there and hope for better things but I’m concerned.

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